Welcome to Geneva !

Welcome to Mouettes Genevoises

The Lake of Geneva is a worldwide tourist location that attracts people from all over the world and is a major source of pleasure and admiration for foreign visitors.

Discover the magic and beauty of lake Geneva by embarking on one of our boats for a memorable cruise.




Les Mouettes

These shuttles are the delight of tourists as well as citizens. The former enjoy a pleasurable way of crossing the lake, and the latter use them as a convenient and cheap method of transport to go to work.
Every 10 minutes or 30 minutes, you can board one of these boats.


Cross the lake by ferry
Mouettes Genevoises Navigation


Departure place:
•   Landing stage of Pâquis (N°1-2-3) Port des Mouettes
    (In front of Grand Hôtel Kempinski)

•   Landing stage of Eaux-Vives (In the axis of the street des pierres du Niton)

•   Landing stage of Molard (in front the Restaurant Le Lacustre)

•   Landing stage P+R Genève plage (Near the Monument of Port Noir)

•   Landing stage of  de Chateaubriand
     (Near the restaurant La Perle du Lac)


You will find HERE the regulation of access to the Mouettes genevoises




All services available
Currently all our services are fully functionnal.



We have the pleasure to inform you that the summter schedule of Mouettes genevoises will begin on October 3th, 2016.


 From les Pâquis    
M1: 19h35        -       M2: 19h30   M3: 19h30

Weekend and holidays:
M1: 17h55        -       M2: 17h50   M3: 18h05

 From le Molard    From les Eaux-Vives
Monday-Friday:   Lundi-Dimanche:
M1: 19h40   M2: 19h35

Weekend and holidays:
Weekend and holidays:
M1: 18h00   M2: 17h55

 From le Port-Noir    
Monday-Friday:   Weekend and holidays:
M3: 19h15       -       M4: 19h15   M3: 17h50       -       M4: 17h50

 From de Chateaubriand    
Monday-Friday:   Weekend and holidays:
M4: 19h30   M4: 18h05