Single tickets

Short hop (1 crossing)

60 minutes


2.00 CHF

3.00 CHF

Children and AVS

1.80 CHF

2.00 CHF

Please present your ticket when boarding.
Tickets are non-refundable.

unireso fare network

The Mouettes genevoises shuttle boats are a lovely addition to Geneva’s public transport. But that’s not all! With just one ticket, you are able to travel on our boats, trains, trams and buses. More information is available on unireso.ch.

tpgPay cards can be purchased at the Mouettes genevoises ticket office. At the same ticket office, you can also renew your membership card.

Membership cards and refunds of overpayments can be made at tpg agencies.

Points of sale

tpg : SMS to 788, website (tpg.ch) or app (tpgPreview)
CFF : website (cff.ch) or app (Mobile CFF)

Mouettes genevoises ticket office
tpg agencies or resellers
CFF Passenger Centres
unireso terminals at stops (cash, bank or tpgPay cards, Twint)


Cards accepted
Half fare

Card renewal
Mouettes genevoises ticket office
tpg agencies or resellers

Points of sale and refund of overpayments
tpg agencies